Elite house calls is a division of Perioperative and Internal Medicine Group and was founded by Dr. Jamal Lone. Dr. Lone grew up in Denmark and graduated from Copenhagen Medical University in 2000 and completed his residency at Presbyterian Hospital Dallas, after which he started a perioperative medical practice. He Provides medical evaluations and clearances for a variety of surgeons in the larger DFW area. He is board-certified in Internal Medicine and a member of The American Academy of anti-aging. Dr. Jamal Lone currently serves as a medical director for several medical businesses and is the managing partner for Perioperative and Internal Medicine Group and Elite Housecall Physicians. 

Dr. Lone is intrinsically familiar with most local physicians, patient demographics, and Dallas culture. He has always practiced medicine with an innovative approach while maintaining high-quality standards. He practices forward-thinking as a physician, thereby meeting their acute and chronic needs while addressing any future needs through innovative healthcare solutions.


He is joined by his partner Dr. Mohammed Suhail, and their nurse practitioners Kenetria Woodard, Meri Pitaniello, Lorinda Liles, and Theresa Peters. Together they devote their time to perioperative care and to the care of the most medically complex patients. They provide care at all levels of the patient’s care continuum, specializing in patient transitions.